Strengthening the smart technology industry Tianjin in action

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Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data are in the ascendant and new opportunities in the era of intelligence are emerging.
Deeply implement the important requirements of the “three efforts”, join the new era, seize new opportunities, and promote the development of high quality in Tianjin. We urgently need to open our heads on the “Tsem” and seize the commanding heights of the development of intelligent technology industry, in order to speed up the construction of “Five "Tianjin Modernization" nurtures new engines.
To develop and expand the smart technology industry, Tianjin is in action.
The development of intelligent technology industry in Tianjin has a foundation
“Our city has a complete range of industries and uses intelligent technology to lead the development of new industries and new modes of business. There are foundations and advantages,” said Yin Jihui, director of the city’s industrial and credit committee.
Speaking of the industrial foundation of Tianjin, Yin Jihui is like a few treasures - the city's electronic information industry accounts for nearly 9% of the city's industry, gathering a group of leading companies such as Shuguang of China Branch and Tianjin Feiteng. In 2017, the output value of Sugon exceeded RMB 6 billion, 58 cities broke through RMB 3 billion in revenue, and the market value reached RMB 10 billion. The growth rate exceeded 20% for many consecutive years.
The ability to support cloud computing and big data has been enhanced. The Binhai Industrial Cloud Platform has been listed as an industrial cloud innovation demonstration project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhuolang Science and Technology Cloud has become a leading provider of manufacturing information technology development and industry solutions in the country.
The city has 14 pilot companies of national integration management systems, and there are 4 national-level deep integration demonstration companies. In Tianjin Hi-tech District Tiandi Albert Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter confirmed the words of Yin Jihui.
“This year, we have independently developed and launched a panoramic multi-view smart camera to achieve a 360-degree panoramic high-definition picture. These applications in the field of artificial intelligence technology, enabling companies to increase revenue for more than 30% for three consecutive years.” Tiandi Waiye related responsible person said .
In the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, in the workshop of Tianjin Emmason Automation Technology Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-based robotic arm is skilled in processing.
"These two robots can replace 12 workers in two shifts." Emerson introduced the company responsible person.
In the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, there are more than one hundred smart technology companies that have gathered together. In TEDA, more than 60 intelligent manufacturing companies, including Deep Blue, Taihua Robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, and Hongtian Automation, Beichen’s high-end CNC machine tools and large-scale smart equipment, and Wuqing’s robot industry have also gathered. All are growing.
Strong intellectual needs
During the 2nd World Smart Conference, China’s new generation of artificial intelligence development strategy research institute released the “China Smart Industry Regional Competitiveness Index”, with the highest score and top position in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and Tianjin ranked ninth among the provinces and cities. .
Liu Gang, director of the Institute of Economic Research at Nankai University, believes that in addition to the coordinated development opportunities of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, the advantages of Tianjin's development of intelligent technology industries are more importantly reflected in the strong intelligent demand emerging from economic transformation and upgrading.
Such a strong demand for intelligence is reflected in the Tianjinyuan Community in Baodi District.
In and out of this community, residents need to face recognition.
"The community over the age of 60, if there is no record in a certain period of time, then the community police will appear on the phone's early warning information." Public Security Bureau Baoan branch police station Liu Nan said.
Tianjin, a smart community of this kind, will create 100 before the end of this year.
Netlink Automotive, Smart Home, and Smart Medical... all speak of the needs of smart people in Tianjin.
In response to this growing demand, Tianjin issued the “Tianjin Declaration” during the First World Smart Conference, and proposed the creation of smart technologies, building a smart economy, building a smart society, defending risk challenges, and jointly promoting world cooperation. The initiative was followed by the "Implementation Opinions on Developing the Intelligent Technology Industry to Promote Smart Economic Development and Construction of a Smarter Society" after the meeting. The "1+10" program system was formulated to promote the implementation of industry leadership, science and technology support, talent introduction, and pilot projects. The five major projects of demonstration and international cooperation are focused on cultivating new dynamics for intelligent development.
Following the introduction of the 200 billion yuan Jingdong smart logistics technology production base at the first General Assembly, investment of 7 billion yuan in the northern headquarters of the Inspur Group, and investment of 4.5 billion in the Suning Smart E-commerce Industrial Park, the second conference and Huawei have just ended. Nine companies including Baidu and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with an estimated investment of 140 billion yuan. They signed 23 agreements and 40 projects with companies such as Alibaba and HKUST, with a total investment of over 60 billion yuan.
The "Tianjin Municipal Government's Several Policies on Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Technology Industry" has just released a "national optimal policy portfolio", "100 billion special funds," and "100 billion industrial funds" in the field of smart technology. Turned out of the world, Feng cited in the nest.

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