High-end smart equipment manufacturing suddenly rises

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The marine engineering equipment industry chain has basically taken shape, industrial robots and transportation equipment manufacturing companies have been getting together. In the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, they are called by the industry as "the capital of drones...." The reporter recently learned that Shenzhen has guided and nurtured policies in recent years. The emergence of high-end smart equipment manufacturing industry is now being filled with equipment "shortcomings" in the field of industrial structure, and presents a good momentum of "sea, land and air" go hand in hand.

It is understood that in recent years, Shenzhen has continuously improved its policy support system, increased strategic emerging industries and future industrial support, promoted the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing to precision manufacturing and high-end smart manufacturing, and deepened manufacturing with the focus on “Internet + advanced manufacturing”. Measures such as the development of integration of the industry with the Internet, and vigorously developing the equipment manufacturing industry. Shenzhen's high-end manufacturing policy is clearly oriented. It focuses on smart manufacturing, which mainly focuses on the robotics, wearable devices, and smart equipment industries, and also takes into account the fields of aerospace and marine equipment engineering. According to statistics from the Institute of Commercial Registration and Code Application of the Shenzhen Institute of Standard Technology, Shenzhen's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has entered a stage of development and upgrading. Most of them gather in Bao'an District and Nanshan District. Currently, there are more than 4,300 companies, of which nearly three years have The average annual increase is more than 600.

In terms of marine engineering equipment, Shenzhen’s industrial chain has basically taken shape, including sub-sectors such as design, manufacturing, and repair, and nearly 300 related companies. Among them, the proportion of enterprises in the special equipment manufacturing and repair industry accounts for nearly 50%. Typical industrial representative companies include CIMC Group, CNOOC Engineering, Youlian Shipyard, and China Merchants Heavy Industry.

"As of June 15th, of the companies involved in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment in Shenzhen, the proportion of companies involved in the manufacture of industrial robots has exceeded 60%, and the number of companies and registered capital are significantly higher than those of other industries." According to experts from the municipal standards institute According to the introduction, Shenzhen boasts lasers such as "leader" Han's lasers for the production of laser processing equipment, Anke in robotics, Zhongke Kechuang, Genesis Machinery, and Linyi Technology. About 35% of enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry are involved in the manufacture of intelligent measurement and control equipment, among which are industrial automation control system device manufacturers, such as Inventronics, Jintuo Automation, and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Technology.

At the same time, the Shenzhen rail transit equipment industry has also emerged, and a group of companies with considerable influence and development potential have sprung up. At present, there are 135 such enterprises in the city, representing companies such as BYD and Changlong Railway Electronic Engineering.

Shenzhen is known by the world's drone enthusiasts as "the world of drones." Statistics show that there are currently more than 2,000 companies in the city's drone industry, of which more than 600 are involved in the manufacture of drones, and Dajiang is a leading company. The data released by the Shenzhen UAV Industry Association shows that the annual output value of UAVs in Shenzhen reached 30 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the global civil drone market. In addition, there are nearly 500 aviation equipment industry enterprises except drones in the city, mainly manufacturing and repairing aviation-related system equipment, such as Shenzhen General Aviation International Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. and so on.

Relying on a sound foundation in the electronics and communications industry, Shenzhen’s satellite and application industries have also made considerable progress. The number of satellite and application industry enterprises is nearly 1300, such as China Telecom’s Ark Satellite Communications, Iraq’s Hi-tech, and China Green’s Beidou Technology.

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